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Chris Manno

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Sanctuary Moon: "Realistic, Captivating"

"Thoroughly researched--I was there in Vietnam, this is the real thing!" --ER

"So realistic, I was transported to beautiful Salzburg and steamy Saigon, in person. Loved it." --LM

"A modern-day HG Wells adventure. Captivating, couldn't put it down." --JM


Sanctuary Moon: New Release, limited Signed copy.


"Time is a thief and history a lie," says Professor Tessa Leonard, historian and survivor of the brutal WWII Nazi takeover of Austria.  But what if things could be made right, if  Keplerian calculus and cosmology could unlock the alchemy of time, fate and destiny, and let YOU right past wrongs?

Join Tessa Leonard and mathematician Troc Ang on their harrowing firsthand immersion in the 1975 Fall of Saigon and the dreaded 1938 Nazi "Anchluss." Who lives, who dies ... and why.

This is a story you'll live yourself, and won't soon forget.

Read a sample: Click here.

Chris Manno is the award-winning author of the novel "East Jesus" ("Second Place--Best Fiction of 2016" by N. Texas Book Festival) and "Voodoo Rush," plus the short story collection, "Short Fiction for the Impatient Reader."

Limited time: signed paperback copy--half price!

$9.99 (+ $3 S&H, US only) via PayPal secure order.